fredag, september 29, 2006


Don't forget about the afternoon fika.


Universities with palmtrees. That has to be the future.
Andrea really likes ESALQ.

Our office 2

torsdag, september 21, 2006

Our office

Andrea is working hard in our office. Outside our window we have a little field of sugarcane.

Lunch at Gerd's house.

This sunday Flavio, Andrea and me had lunch at our brazilian superviser Gerd's house. A lot of good food, a ping pong table and a pool is pretty much what you need for a nice sunday.

onsdag, september 20, 2006


I had to go to Brazil to make my first swedish meatballs. Under supervision of Andrea, off course.

lördag, september 16, 2006

Study Visit

First day we also went on a study visit to sugarcane fields outside Piracicaba.


First day in Piracicaba. As the picture expose there is really warm and nice here. Me like!
ESALQ equals Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz Queiroz".